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Interview with Sophie Clarke has an interview with Survivor: South Pacific winner, Sophie Clarke. Here's a teaser:

How comfortable were you going into that final Tribal when you first arrived, and then how comfortable were you after the jury questions when they went up to vote?

I knew that I had a shot. The thing that shocked me was Ozzy starting it off by saying, “This game is yours to lose, Coach,” and that shocked me. Because I thought I was going to go in there with a good claim for the million, and all of a sudden I was on defense. And then after all the questions I could tell that Coach was really hammered. I mean everyone was getting hammered, but he was getting hammered the most. All they wanted was honesty, and I was the only one at the final Tribal to give them honesty. All Coach had to say was “I manipulated all of you,” and he would have gotten the million. I was the only one to own up to things. I was just brutally honest with people and didn’t just say what they wanted to hear. Cochran asked me, “What was the best move of the game?” and I immediately said, “Well, it wasn’t yours. Yours sucked!” And, you know, Albert would never say that. Albert would think that was the surest way to lose a jury vote. I could tell the jury didn’t want to be messed around with. They’re not stupid people

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Anonyme a dit…

Are you going to continue this with Survivor: One World?

Patrick a dit…

Sadly, no. My schedule keeps me too busy this winter. I didn't want to do anything half-assed, so I elected this sit this one out.

But chances are I'll be back with season 25!

Anonyme a dit…

Is that blog for real? This is no joke? Wow...

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