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Survivor: South Pacific "Then There Were Five" (Episode 13)

Episode 13: "Then There Were Five"
Original Airdate: December 14th, 2011
American Ratings: 10.87 million viewers

Coming back from tribal council, Coach is satisfied that his strategy worked out the plan they planned from the very beginning. Always full of crap, tonight more than ever before, Benjamin opines that they can go at it with honor, loyalty, and integrity.
The real game begins tonight.

Albert and Sophie discuss what they'd do if Ozzy returned and won immunity. Little does she know that Albert is considering voting for her.

Day 33

After giving this much thought, Albert is convinced that Sophie is becoming more and more dangerous, and that sitting next to her at the final tribal council might not be best for him. Since Rick is by far the least dangerous player in the game, Albert would prefer to be in the final three with him and Coach.

At the Redemption Island arena, the duel consists of completing a slide-puzzle that will release a hatchet. They must then use the hatchet to chop a rope which will release a bag of puzzle cubes. The first one to complete the puzzle stays alive. Although the entire Upolu alliance is helping Edna (the woman they have just voted out, mind you), Ozzy wins the duel.

Not surprisingly, Albert doesn't care much about honor and integrity. Always a particularly sharpt fellow, Brandon feels that he can trust Albert. Moreover, he is down with the idea of voting out Sophie.

Meanwhile, Sophie tells Coach that Ozzy is the most dangerous player in the game. She would like to send Brandon to Redemption Island, so that either Brandon or Ozzy would finally be out of the game for good. Rick agrees with them.

Not long after that, Albert attempts to convince Coach that Sophie is much more dangerous than he thinks. A great judge of character, Benjamin is under the impression that Albert is intimidated by Sophie's intelligence.

The Dragon Slayer warns Brandon about trying to bully them. He feels that Brandon is acting more and more like Russell with each passing day. Meeting Brandon's father made Coach realize what his next move ought to be.

Day 35

What happened to Day 34? Beats me. . . Perhaps it was the most uneventful day in Survivor history. . .

To win the immunity challenge, the castaways must climb a massive wall, collecting bags of puzzle pieces on each attempt. They must then divide the puzzle pieces and match up the pairs, which in turn will reveal a code that will raise their flags. For reward, the winner will get pizze delivered to camp. Brandon wins immunity and selects Rick to share the pizza with him.

Understandably, Brandon's winning immunity was the worst case scenario. Sophie approaches Coach to discuss the possibility of eliminating Albert. As they enjoy their pizza, she tests the waters in order to see if they'd consider voting for Albert.

Ever the loyal team player, Brandon then confronts Albert, asking him if he ever promised anyone else a spot in the final three. The shit quickly hits the fan when Rick and Sophie throw Albert under the bus. Soon afterward, Albert is aware that there is a whole lot of damage control he needs to do if he is to survive the vote tonight. Having no true alternatives, he tries to reel in Brandon to his side.

After praying, Brandon is persuaded that God has a plan for him. Hence, he reveals that if he has to, he will give Albert his immunity necklace. Thinking that Coach would never consider betraying him and voting him out, Brandon announces that he forgives Albert and will give up his necklace, hoping that the tribe will get rid of Sophie. Faced with this unanticipated turn of events, Benjamin claims that he needs God's guidance and isolates himself to pray.

Am I the only one who's sick and tired of all the praying and the religious fucktardness this season? This just in, Dragon Slayer: Betraying one of your closest allies in the name of God goes against everything honor, loyalty, and integrity stand for. What a douchebag. . .
I'll do whatever God wants me to do.

At tribal council, Brandon announces that he gives up his immunity necklace and he hands it to Albert. Aware to expect the unexpected with Russell's nephew, the jury is shocked nonetheless. With Jeff Probst unable to conceal his surprise, Benjamin explains that Brandon prayed and God told him to save Albert. Brandon explains that Coach and Albert are his best friends out here. For his part, Albert lays it a bit thick, trying to make Brandon believe that he made the right decision. Sophie says that Albert and sneaky and she doesn't trust him anymore.

Honestly, I don't think that he's going home tonight. So I'm not going to give him the necklace back.

As a matter of course, Brandon was the only one surprised by the fact that he beat Sophie by a 3-2 vote. In another Christian fuckwit moment, Coach hugs Brandon and tells him that it's God's will. He encourages Brandon to go win redemption.

Jeff Probst reveals that the winner of the next duel will re-enter the game.
This game's not made for me.

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