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Survivor: South Pacific "Cult Like" (Episode 11)

Episode 11: "Cult Like"
Original Airdate: November 30th, 2011
American Ratings: 11.05 million viewers

With the pagonging now complete, it appears that quite a few fans have lost hope in Survivor: South Pacific. The ratings are down again, and it's doubtful that this week's episode will reverse that trend. Indeed, "Cult Like" was likely the most boring episode of the current season, reminiscent of the sleep-inducing Survivor: Redemption Island.

Following tribal council, Edna is concerned now that Cochran is the only one left from the Savaii tribe and it doesn't look as though he's the next to go home.

Day 28

The Coch-train's personality is getting on Sophie's nerves. She now understands why the Savaii members didn't like him that much.

Cochran compares Coach's alliance to Charles Manson's family. He is aware that he needs some sort of plan to get him further in the game. In a dumb and clumsy strategic move, the nerd confronts the entire Upolu gang. Claiming that, to some extent at least, they are indebted to him for helping them getting rid of every single Savaii members, he asks them to save him for at least one tribal council. He explains that it took a bold move on his part to side with them and wipe out his former tribe.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Cochran, a student of the game, a supposedly smart player, a shrewd strategist, should have known that begging like that will always be perceived as a sign of weakness in Survivor. Something that will indubitably generate scorn rather than sympathy. Although Albert and Benjamin appeared to consider his plea, the poor Coch-machine had better odds of getting a blow job from Sophie. . . Come on, man! He should have thought about that before flipping come the merge. Now it's obvious he would pay the price for his foolishness.

At the Redemption Island arena, Ozzy, Dawn, and Whitney must balance ceramic dishes using a long arm for as long as possible. Dawn and Whitney become members of the final jury, and Ozzy lives to see another day.

From this point on, I'm even more excited to go into the duels and beat people that are my enemies in this game. I have to rely on myself winning. But that is what I do best and that's the way I want to win this game.

Day 29

Since no one seems better suited for it the way he is, Ozzy feels that Redemption Island is his home.

Prince Albert is not impressed with the way his tribe is playing the game. According to him, it's about performing in the challenges and putting together a great strategy. But his work ethic is annoying some of his tribemates.

When Edna confronts Coach about whether or not she is the next to go home after Cochran, he replies that she is. Edna wants to know if there is a possibility that would permit her to remain for a longer period of time.

Keeping Edna and Cochran would be the best thing for me to do. Because they're never going to vote me out.

Day 30

Benjamin feels like he owes the Coch-train. He would like for him to win the immunity challenge. Sadly, it's evident that the tai chi sessions have not yet turned the nerd into Hercules. . .

The immunity challenge features two different rounds. In the first round, the castaways must toss sandbags on top of a crate. The finalists will use a giant slingshot to shoot coconuts and knock down targets. In addition to immunity, the reward consists of a spa afternoon back at camp.

Albert, Rick, and Sophie move on to the second round. Albert wins immunity. After choosing Coach to share the reward with, he decides to give his own reward to Cochran for his birthday.

On the way back from the challenge, Cochran wonders if it's a farewell present. He's never had a massage before. He lied about his birthday, which was months ago. Coach says that he'll fight for the Coch-machine's life.

After his massage, Cochran pulls Albert aside to discover which way the wind is blowing. The nerd says that Coach probably wouldn't mind voting Rick out. Both Albert and Edna would be willing to go along with that plan.

You have to give him props for trying, for Cochran is scrambling and stirring some shit in order to stay alive. When he consults him, Benjamin is unsure as to what to do. The Dragon Slayer wants to make sure he makes the right decision.

At tribal council, Coach tells Jeff Probst that the possibilities are endless tonight. Cochran explains that he feels that he's entitled for at least one more night for what he did for the Upolu alliance. Edna claims that she was led to believe that she was everyone's equal, but she was duped. Experiencing another breakdown, Brandon reveals that he's voting for Cochran tonight and Edna at the next tribal council.

As the votes are tallied, Cochran beats Rick in a 4-2 vote.

Well, the Coch-train has reached its destination, it appears. Of course, there is always a slight chance that he can beat Ozzy on Redemption Island. But we all know that his odds are slim. He can cry foul and claim that it's insulting and humiliating to be discarded like that, but he should have known. Cochran was Upolu's condom. They used him to get what they wanted, but a condom is always thrown away afterward.

With each new episode, my disappointment in both Albert and Sophie grows. These two, by their inaction, have painted themselves into a corner. It's obvious that Coach has no plan to bring them to the final three, yet they have failed to take advantage of the Savaii votes to help them solidify their position in the game since the merge. They must now rely on winning immunity and a healthy dose of luck.

All in all, after a number of very entertaining episodes, it appears that everything is slowly going down the crapper. . . Here's to hoping that next week's episode will be better, otherwise we are heading toward another crappy finale. . .

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Once Cochran flipped and the first Savaii went home, I knew it would be awhile before an interesting episode happened. I never felt that any of the Upolu's had it in them to flip with a Savaii member.

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