lundi 26 décembre 2011 | By: Patrick

Is Ozzy Arrogant? has a new interview with Ozzy. Here's a teaser:

In the so-close department, which one is more painful, this one where you knew you’d win if you took that last challenge, or Cook Islands where you lost by one measly vote?

Cook Islands, because this is all my own doing, if that makes any sense. It was all up to me and I just have to take some solace that there is some grand master plan that is bigger than myself that I can’t quite perceive at this moment. Maybe I just don’t need that million dollars. I’ll just have to make my million dollars the old fashioned way. Walking away with $100,000 plus is not too bad either. I didn’t get first place but I basically got second if you look at it monetarily. And in my opinion I really did win the game in terms of how people saw it play out at home

Follow this link for the full Q&A.

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