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Survivor: South Pacific "Ticking Time Bomb " (Episode 12)

Episode 12: "Ticking Time Bomb"
Original Airdate: December 7th, 2011
American Ratings: 11.59 million viewers

Ozzy doesn't appear all that surprised to see Cochran show up at Redemption Island. He asks him if he learned his lesson. The Coch-machine is humiliated by the fact that he was used and then discarded by the Upolu alliance. Why the shock and surprise on Cochran's part, I'll never know. The writing was on the wall, but I guess that Hercules was too drunk on the Dragon Slayer's koolaid and never realized that there was no way he could ever be anything but number 7. . .

He really doesn't stand a chance.

Day 31

Since she's obviously not part of the tribe, Edna excuses herself from the morning prayer. She feels that she's been duped by everybody else. Like Cochran, it looks as though Edna was blinded by her desire to go far into the game. Sadly, from the very beginning it was evident that Edna was on the outside looking in and never truly a part of the Upolu alliance.

Coach tries to explain to her that it has now become an individual game. As Edna attempts to discredit Brandon, they receive a Sprint cellphone containing videos from their families. The entire tribe cries when they watch their personal videos.

At the Redemption Island arena, the much-anticipated duel opposing Ozzy and the Coch-train takes place. They must use grappling hooks to retrieve three bags. Each of them contains a ball, which they must then use to solve a table maze. Ozzy quickly takes the lead, but by dropping his ball twice he allows Cochran to come back from behind. It is a close call, but Ozzy is victorious. Being on Survivor has been a surreal experience for the poor nerd.

Their loved ones enter the arena. As winner of the duel, Ozzy is asked to select three family members who'll get the opportunity to spend time with the castaways on Redemption Island. Ozzy goes for Albert, Coach, and Brandon.

Ozzy shows them around Redemption Island, and they use the phone to take pictures of themselves. Benjamin tells Ozzy that he'd like to take him to the final three. It would be like two warriors duking it out till the very end.

Brandon's father tries to convince him to make a move if the occasion presents itself. He wants his son to put himself in a position to win it all. But religious fucktard that he is, Brandon refuse to do anything God would frown upon.

Sensing that his son has absolutely no chance to make it to the end with his own resources (apparently he doesn't trust in the Almighty to such an extent), Brandon's dad approaches Coach to know if Brandon will be among the three finalists. The Dragon Slayer doesn't appreciate the fact that the other man is attempting to manipulate and bully him.

Day 32

In order to win immunity, the castaways must keep moving across a giant puzzle board. Turning pieces as they go along, the last person left standing wins immunity. When he's taken out of the game, Brandon explains that he was trying to corner Edna. Coach wins immunity.

Help a sister out, Coach.

Sophie feels that Brandon was really rude to Edna. Rick doesn't agree with that sort of behavior. Brandon tries to apologize to Edna, but she is having none of it.

People on Survivor are not as forgiving as Jesus Christ.

In a last ditch attempt to save her own skin, Edna approaches Coach, Albert, and Sophie with a plan to vote out Brandon. Honor, loyalty, and integrity, or so she claims, dictate that they get rid of the psychotic little hobbit.

Benjamin explains that the others won't send Brandon to Redemption Island for fear that he'll come back. Coach says that he cannot use the idol to save her. Otherwise, nobody would trust him anymore and he'd be the next one to go.

Seeing that there was no way to sway Coach, she tries to convince Albert and Sophie to vote with her.

At tribal council, Edna is on the hot seat and she knows it. She admits that she tried to target Brandon following the immunity challenge.

When the votes are tallied, it's no surprise that Edna beats Brandon in a 5-1 vote. Hence, she will be the next player to face Ozzy on Redemption Island.

Once again, Albert and Sophie failed to turn things around. How many opportunities do they need to make a move and take control of this game??? I've always known that both of them don't figure in Coach's plan for the final three. And now that we have confirmation that the Dragon Slayer wants to take Ozzy to the end, it's even more obvious that Albert and Sophie are in trouble unless they win every single immunity from here on out. . .

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