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Survivor: South Pacific "He Has Demons" (Episode 2)

Episode 2: "He Has Demons"
Original Airdate: September 21st, 2011
American Ratings: 10.46 million viewers

Hmmm, this was kind of a lackluster episode. About as uneventful an episode as I have ever watched. Survivor: South Pacific needed to come out strong tonight, what with it going up against the premiere of The X Factor. And yet, nothing significant took place. It covered what transpired over the course of two days instead of the usual three, so here's to hoping that an unexpected surprise awaits us. . .

The show began with Semhar's arrival at Redemption Island. It's never easy being the first one to go, and the poor girl feels abandoned by the rest of her tribe. She uses poetry to try to deal with her abandonment issues.

Back at the Savaï camp following tribal council, Cochran thanks the others for letting him stay around. He claims he's happy to change. Ozzy wants to give the young man a chance to redeem himself. Keith is considering forming an alliance with Ozzy, but he is a bit wary of the other.

Day 4

On the Upolu beach, Coach tells Edna that he felt bad vibes from some of the girls at the beginning. He now feels that he has a strong alliance. Edna is aware that she is among the weakest players in the tribe, so she wants to ally herself with Coach to go further in the game.

Trying to woo the members of his tribe, Cochran improves his work ethics. He's proud of the new Cochran. Ozzy has been keeping an eye out for the hidden immunity idol and he finally finds it.

Three times around, you start to know what to look for.

Ozzy knows that if the others suspect he has found the idol, they'll try to flush it out. He wants to try to bring it to the merge.

Brandon likes Coach. Like him, he wants to play the game with honor and integrity. But lying to Coach about his identity is tearing him up inside. Unable to hold it in any longer, Brandon reveals to Coach that he is Russell's nephew. Coach is shocked by the revelation. Brandon promises not to stab Coach in the back. He asks him not to tell the others.

Ozzy, Jim, and Keith go on a fishing expedition. Jim wants the three of them to team up with Elyse and Whitney. Keith likes the fact that Jim feels he's in control.

Day 5

Mikayla wants to prove that she is as solid as the guys on the tribe. But Brandon continues to feel uncomfortable around her and he wants to get her voted out. He explains that he is a married man and Mikayla, being sexy and charming and physically just about what any man would ever want a woman to be, is sort of a threat for his marriage and peace of mind.

Brandon, come on, man! You are afraid about what you could potentially do with Mikayla. Seriously!?! I don't know her personally, but I have a feeling that she wouldn't let you touch her with a ten-foot pole, even if you're the last man and woman on Earth and the fate of humankind is in your hands. Believe you me: Mikayla is no threat to your marriage. I doubt the thought ever crossed her mind, so have no fear about being unfaithful to your wife. Other than perhaps if you go off alone into the woods to masturbate thinking about Mikayla, that is. Brandon is kind of creepy, so I wouldn't put it past him. . . I mean, when you gotta go, you gotta go, right?

Though it irritates her fellow tribesmates, Christine continues to search for the hidden immunity idol. She doesn't manage to find the idol, but she does find the clue. Little does she know that some people believe she has already found the hidden immunity idol. Now with the clue in hand, Christine wonders whether or not to reveal its content to the others.

For the immunity challenge, four members from each tribe must unwind ribbons around a pole to release a set of keys that will free four other members. They will have to move crates over a platform to free the largest crate of the bunch. The entire tribe must then lift and set that crate upon another platform to win immunity. They are also playing for a comfort reward, which includes a hammock, a mat, blankets, and pillows. Edna will sit this one out.

Upolu works well at the pole and they take an early lead. They get to work on the crates before the Savaï tribe manages to release their keys. But Ozzy and the others make short work of the crate puzzle and they take the lead. Scoring a huge comeback victory, the Savaï tribe wins immunity.

Though he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, Brandon attempts to hatch a scheme that would get Mikayla and her sexy body sent back home. Apparently, Christine, Stacey, Edna, and Sophie are no threats to his faithfulness. His wife will be proud, I'm sure.

Coach feels that they must split the votes, with three votes going for Stacey and another three against Christine. He believes it's the best way to go in order to flush out the idol, if there is one into play.

Brandon tells Coach that he's uncomfortable around Mikayla. He feels that she's like Parvati. Aware of Mikayla's worth and toughness, Coach knows that the tribe needs her and he doesn't want to get rid of her just yet. Realizing that he can't sway Coach, Brandon goes around trying to get people to vote for Mikayla.

For her part, Mikayla is worried by the fact that some of the others don't seem to find her trustworthy. She wonders what is going on.

Feeling threatened, Christine continues to look for the immunity idol. Brandon lies to Coach, claiming that both Stacey and Christine will vote for Mikayla.

I'm pretty sure I made a good impression on everybody.

At tribal council, Coach throws Christine and Stacey under the bus when he reveals that they will supposedly vote for Mikayla tonight. He puts his own head on the chopping block by reiterating that he doesn't want Mikayla to go home. Both women reply that they have no desire to vote for Mikayla, as which point Brandon is forced to come clean and reveal that he lied.

Edna and Sophie each garner a single vote, while stacey sees her name come up thrice. But Christine racks up the four remaining votes and is sent to Redemption Island. So there will be a Christine vs Semhar showdown next week. I have a feeling it won't exactly be a repeat of Hagler vs Hearns. . .

Poor Brandon. . . Three more nights of wet dreams featuring the ravishing Mikayla. It's going to be tough. . .

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