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Rewatch: Survivor: Borneo "Death of an Alliance" (Episode 12)

Episode 12: "Death of an Alliance"
Original Airdate: August 16th, 2000
American Ratings: 28.7 million viewers

Day 34

The castaways claim that there was never such a thing as the Rattana tribe. Once the Tagi and Pagong tribes were no more, it was just a group of individuals playing against one another.

There seems to be a lot of tension within the alliance. No one knows who they can fully trust.

This is the most conniving bunch of people I have ever met in my life. There's not an honest one in the bunch. Things are falling apart here on Rattana beach.

Sue clashes with Kelly, for she believes that the other tried to set herself up as the good guy in front of the Pagong members, and thus relegating the rest of them to the role of the bad guys. Kelly explains that it was just to pretend that the Tagi alliance wouldn't vote off the Pagong tribesmates one by one.

Richard is happy with this unexpected turn of events, because a conflict between Sue and Kelly plays to his advantage.

Sue gets stung by a sting ray as she is fishing with the harpoon.

The remaining players miss home and can't wait to return to reality.

Day 35

Tree mail consists of a mud-filled bucket. So they figure that the reward challenge will involve mud in some fashion.

The reward challenge takes place at the mud volcano. The castaways must use their bodies to carry as much mud as humanly possible and pour it into their buckets. The winner will get food and beer, and will watch the first 5 minutes of Survivor. With a bucket weighing 15.9 pounds, Kelly wins the reward. She's glad because she hasn't won much of anything yet. The fun challenge helped them smooth out the frictions plaguing the tribe.

Later that night, a boat picks up Kelly and takes her to the Survivor Bar. She shares a beer and potato chips with Jeff Probst and eats a plate of pasta. She discusses just how crazy the game has become. To cap off the evening, they watch the first five minutes of the first episode of Survivor.

Day 36

Now that they have patched things up, Sue wants to be honest and reveals to Kelly that she has an alliance with Richard. They don't want Kelly to make it to the Top 3.

In three days, it'll all be over.

Sean knows that he must win immunity if he wants to get the opportunity to win the game. He is aware that he needs to elevate his game, or he'll be going home.

Tree mail contains a video camera. It's the Survivor Witch Project. They are summoned to the Pagong beach at sundown for the immunity challenge. They must seek five masks throughout the jungle. Each mask bears a questions about the local folklore. Armed with a camera, they must record themselves giving the answer. The first person to collect all five masks and answer the questions correctly wins immunity. Jeff Probst gives them a number of clues to help them answer the questions.

Though Kelly wins immunity, this will always be remembered as Rudy's infamous "I don't know" challenge!

I'm winning this thing. The whole show.

With Kelly winning immunity, Richard is forced to make changes to his strategy. Sean believes that they will all vote against Sue tonight. Kelly figure that she'll vote for either Richard or Sue.

At tribal council, host Jeff Probst tells them that whoever makes it through this vote will make it to the final 4. Kelly is persuaded that she would have been voted off, had she not won immunity earlier today. Sean feels good about what the jury might think of him.

There's a lot to be said about money, Jeff!

Sue receives a single vote, while Sean racks up the remaining four votes and becomes the newest member of the jury. Interestingly enough, Sean's torch went out during the vote.

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