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Rewatch: Survivor: Borneo "Long Hard Days" (Episode 11)

Episode 11: "Long Hard Days"
Original Airdate: August 9th, 2000
American Ratings: 28 million viewers

Day 31

With everyone low on energy, the game is taking its toll on the castaways. They miss home and their families.

Colleen's legs are pretty beat up. She feels that the last five days have been the longest of her entire life. She misses her old Pagong tribesmates. She is a bit confused about the Tagi alliance, feeling that it's not as solid as it used to be. And she's enjoying witnessing the breakdown on the alliance.

Even Sean now realizes that he must be more strategic if he wants to have a shot at the million dollars.

Richard tells Rudy that he wants it to be the both of them at the end.

It's not a fun game now.

The reward challenge is a Survivor trivia game. The winner will spend a night aboard a luxury yatch. In the final round, Sean wins a showdown against Richard.

Day 32

Sean said that he would bring Kelly for breakfast on the yatch. A violent downpour does nothing to improve their collective mood. They have to stand packed tight under the parachute to stay away from the rain.

Later, Jeff arrives on the beach to pick up Sean. When he asks Kelly if she wants to join him for breakfast, she replies that it's his decision. Not surprisingly, Sean selects Richard to accompany him the next morning.

Aboard the yatch, Sean gets to eat and drink. He also takes a shower and gets a massage. That night, he is reunited with his father, who is disguised as the ship's captain.

Back at camp, Kelly is irked that Sean chose Richard instead of her.

Day 33

Jeff comes to get Richard so he can share breakfast with Sean. Richard continues to eat as the others talk.

Six more days of rice. I might even skip the last day of eating altogether, just not to eat rice.

Rudy can't understand why Sean changed his mind at the last minute. Now all the ladies are pissed off at him.

Sean returns to the beach with his father and Richard. The old man's presence is a welcome distraction, which helps with the sombre mood around camp. He brought packages containing stuff from their loved ones for each of the castaways.

For the immunity challenge, they must stand on planks hanging over the water. Periodically, planks are removed, making it harder and harder for the players to keep their balance.

Richard finds it funny that Colleen is trying so hard to win immunity, for it's Kelly's time to go tonight. Yet when it becomes evident that Kelly might win, Sue, Rudy, and Richard consider eliminating Sean. After 2 hours and 54 minutes, Colleen falls into the water and Kelly wins immunity.

I'm voting strategically. So are they and they still think I'm in the stupid alliance. Because if I told them I didn't want to be, they'd vote me off. So I'm trying to save my own ass. I don't care what I say to people. I don't care if I'm nice to anybody at camp. I do not give a shit. And it feels so good. I love it.

At tribal council, Jeff Probst asks Sean why he changed his mind at the last minute and decided to bring Richard on the yatch. Sean explains that he has been the sole provider of food for a long time.

Jeff mentions that Richard was recently saved from being voted off by Sean's infamous alphabetical order voting system. He asks Richard if he feels that he's in a precarious situation within the tribe.

As the last former Pagong member, Colleen feels that she is going home tonight. She feels that things will become pretty nasty from here on out.

Why are you going tonight? Because you screwed up. It wasn't your turn and you were supposed to stay. So you are actually being sacrificed, even though you were supposed to stay.

As the votes are tallied, Sean sees his name come up three times, but Colleen racks up the four votes from the Tagi alliance and will thus join the jury.

Be nice to each other.

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