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"Unofficial" casting for Survivor: South Pacific

Unofficial till CBS reveals that piece of information (mid-August, usually), but these guys normally have it right. So I figure that this is what the castaways will look like.

All I ask for is for men and women there to play the game and give it their best shot. The casting for the last two seasons was atrocious, so here's to hoping that Survivor: South Pacific will be a throwback to the heydays of Survivor.

Roll on September 14th!

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Survivor: South Pacific’s group of men are a motley group, ranging from a Utah cattle rancher to a teenage husband and father to a privileged Harvard law student. CBS is expected to officially announce the cast in mid-August, but as usual, Internet sleuths at Survivor Sucks, True Dork Times, and Survivor Skills have unearthed their identities. Let’s meet the new castaways:

Brandon Hantz (19) is a married father of one child, with another on the way. He works for his family’s oil tankering service in Dayton, Texas. Hantz is the youngest contestant to ever compete on Survivor, but he is also notable for another reason: he is the nephew of Survivor’s most notorious villain, Russell Hantz.

John Cochran (24) is an Ivy League student residing in Cambridge, Massachusetts. A graduate of Columbia University in New York, he is now attending Harvard Law School. Cochran comes from a prestigious background: he attended a private prep school in Virginia and his father is a neurologist.

Keith Tollefson (24) is an environmental specialist current residing in San Diego. He is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota and went to the University of Minnesota.

Albert Destrade (26) is a high school baseball coach from Plantation, Florida. How did this Cuban-American end up on Survivor? He applied with his best friend for The Amazing Race 19, and was transferred over to Survivor.

Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth (29) is the founder of a philanthropy organization called the Mexico Skate Project. This surfer and former waiter and photographer previously competed on Survivor: Cook Islands and Survivor: Micronesia- Fans vs. Favorites. During his time on Survivor, Lusth made a name for himself as a strong competitor and unparalleled swimmer and fisherman.

Jim Rice (35) is a professional poker player and former wine bar owner who currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

Benjamin “Coach” Wade (39) is a university soccer coach and symphony conductor who divides his time between Bolivar, Missouri and Susanville, California. He previously appeared on Survivor: Tocantins and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. During his time on Survivor, Coach also earned the nickname “Dragon Slayer.”

Anthony Caruso (48) is a former NYPD detective who now works as a nurse for dementia patients in a psychiatric hospital. He is from Flushing, New York. Caruso is a big Survivor fan who has applied for the show numerous times, including twice in CBS’s on-line casting call contest.

Rick Nelson (51) is a cowboy and rancher from Aurora, Utah. Like Caruso, Nelson is a longtime applicant to the show and applied the last two years to the on-line casting contest. This year, producers placed his video in the Top Ten and he earned enough votes to score an interview in Los Angeles.

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Survivor: South Pacific’s group of women are a diverse group, ranging from a funeral director to a controversial beauty queen/go-go dancer to a Playboy model/Lingerie football player. CBS is expected to officially announce the cast in mid-August, but as usual, Internet sleuths at Survivor Sucks, True Dork Times, and Survivor Skills have unearthed the seven of the nine identities. Let’s meet these new castaways:

Sophie Clarke (22) is a pre-med student at Middlebury College in Vermont. She is originally from New York. Clarke is fluent in Russian and previously completed an internship in Moscow. In addition, she is well-traveled, having been to France, Italy, Thailand, and Kenya, where she lived in a village without electricity and running water (Alvin Reiner, June 25, 2007). Clarke applied to Survivor 23 via CBS’s on-line casting call contest.

Mikayla “Miki” Wingle (22) is a professional model who has appeared in Playboy magazine. She also plays football for Tampa Bay Breeze of the Lingerie Football League (LFL). Originally from Stanhope, New Jersey, this self-described jock may have the strength to compete in challenges, but her biggest “turn off” is people who lie (Top Models Weekly, July 25, 2011), so how will she deal with the cut-throat nature of the competition?

Semhar Tadesse (24) is a writer and aspiring actress from Los Angeles, California. With a frizzy afro, this Eritrean beauty brings a unique look to the show, but will this self-described “party girl” (, SincerelySemhar) have what it takes to survive in the South Pacific?

Whitney Duncan (27) is an up-and-coming country singer from Scotts Hill, Tennessee. Duncan competed on Nashville Star in 2007, earning fifth place. She is the cousin of Holly Bobo, a 20 year-old college student who was reported missing on April 13, 2011 (Camille Mann, April 18, 2011). As of August 3, 2011, the 5’3”, 110 lb. blonde still has not been located. Anyone with information is asked to call 1-800-TBI-FIND.

Elyse Umemoto (27) is a former Miss Washington USA who now works as a go-go dancer in Las Vegas. Umemoto is a member of the Yakama tribe (Adriana Janovich, March 3, 2008) and was raised on an Indian reservation in Wapoto, Washington. She is also the first Native American to win the title of Miss Washington USA.

Stacey Powell (43) is a funeral director from Wichita Falls, Texas, who now resides in Fayatteville, Arkansas.

Christine Shields (44) is from the greater New York City area. No other information is known at this time.

There are two women whose identities have yet to be identified. Based on the casts of previous seasons, one of those women is expected to be an “older” woman. A currently unsubstantiated rumor by ‘DougJulet’ on Survivor Sucks indicates that one of the remaining women is a Mormon professor at Brigham Young University.

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