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The Day Boston Rob Lost His Hat

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Production on Rob Mariano’s new reality series shut down when he lost his hat

Survivor Redemption Island winner Rob Mariano filmed his new History Channel series Around the World in 80 Ways for 10 weeks starting right after the finale of the CBS show, but production had to stop when he lot his hat.

“The hat fell off while I was on a speedboat in Dubai — into the Persian Gulf — and production shut down for a day and a half so we could get another one shipped in,” Rob told The Boston Globe’s Sarah Rodman.

The show follows Rob and Grave Digger creator Dennis Anderson as they travel around the world using different forms of transportation, but the catch is they can only use each type of transportation once. Clips of the show shown to TV critics last week make the show look good—it’s produced by Deadliest Catch producer Thom Beers—and Rob and Dennis have surprisingly great chemistry together for people who didn’t meet until they filmed a brief test pilot, which was shot after the season premiere of Survivor. I’ll have more from my interview with them when the series premieres, but it looks like a fun series.

I so wish Russell could have stolen that Boston Red Sox baseball hat during Heroes vs Villains!

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