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Rewatch: Survivor: Borneo "Crack in the Alliance" (Episode 10)

Episode 10: "Crack in the Alliance"
Original Airdate: August 2nd, 2000
American Ratings: 27.4 million viewers

Day 28

Some of the castaways find it hard to believe that they have lasted this long. Sue is happy that the camp is much quieter since Jenna was voted off.

With only Pagong members getting eliminated since the merge, Gervase is shocked that he is still around. Though the former Tagi tribe denies it, Gervase is convince that there is indeed an alliance at play at each tribal council.

Sean, ever the naive do-gooder, still isn't sure if there is an alliance beyond the evident voting block.

Sean, come on! Open your eyes!

Colleen is considering voting for Sean at the next tribal council because his stupid alphabetical order voting system led to Jenna being eliminated the night before.

After seeing three votes cast against him the previous night, Richard decides to limit the number of fish he brings back to feed the tribe. If they don't appreciate his efforts, he won't provide food for them. After catching a single ray, Richard is thinking about not catching a single fish until the former Pagong members have all been sent home.

My strategy all along has been to just play the role of the dumb redneck. People think that rednecks are so vulnerable and dumb that they'll talk to them. Openly. Like Rich did. You know, how he's going to burn everybody. Hopefully in the end, the redneck will burn the city-slicker. So we'll see what happens!

Sue tells Kelly that she wants the two of them to bring Richard to the end and then burn him. Sue is grateful for Richard allowing them to get this far into the game. But she never trusted him. Yet she trusts Kelly 100%, claiming that they are like sisters. Although it's gotten to the point where you never know who you can trust, Kelly trusts Sue.

For his part, Richard trusts Rudy and Sue, but he's uncertain whether or not Kelly is as solid as the other two.

If the alliance were to break down and something else happened that I wasn't aware of, I would shake those people's hands and say "congratulations to you." You know, brilliant, good job, you got it, because you fooled me.

Via tree mail, Gervase receives word that his son Gunner was born the day before. It's his fourth kid.

The reward challenge is for a slice of pizza and a phone call home. The castaways must move across a course of bamboo poles. It requires speed and balance. Gervase wins the finals against Richard. His pizza slice is delivered by helicopter. Though he is the winner of the challenge, Gervase shares a bite with all the others. Due to the different time zones, Jeff Probst will return the following morning so that Gervase can call his family.

Day 29

Ten more days and it'll all be over. I'll probably never see these people again. That's the way I want it.

Gervase gets to call home. Rudy has a problem with begetting children out of wedlock, but the others don't really mind. They realize that Gervase is being a responsible dad.

Richard and Sue have no idea what they would have done had they ended up on the Pagong tribe at the start of the game. They say that they were too young and immature.

It's not about surviving the elements. It's about surviving yourself. I didn't want to be part of the alliance because it's conniving, and dirty, and untrue to myself.

It dawns upon Gervase that being part of the alliance is affecting Kelly. She is definitely having second thoughts about her partnership with the others. She feels that making a deal with Richard is like making a deal with the devil. But she won't tell him she's no longer following his lead, or else she fears that Richard might get her voted off.

For immunity, they must each build a fire, burn through their wick, and raise their flag. Each castaway has three minutes to gather driftwood and anything else that might burn. Then they must carry their torch across the water and retrieve the flame from the floating platform. Finally, they must get their fire going. Gervase's torch burns out twice on his way back to the beach. Richard wins immunity. He celebrates his victory with a little dance.

Day 30

Gervase feels that Richard is walking around with arrogance and a swagger since he won the immunity challenge last evening. Well aware that they are the next to go, both Gervase and Colleen decide to have a little fun with the inevitability of it all. He uses tape to fashion a target on his shirt, while Colleen goes for a duck as she considers herself to be a sitting duck.

Sean approached Gervase to form an alliance with the former Pagong members. Yet he will only consider doing so if Kelly joins them, making it a sure thing. Hence, Kelly is the swing vote for tonight's tribal council.

Before they depart, Richard gets the feeling that Kelly is no longer trustworthy.

At tribal council, Jeff Probst wants to talk about Sean's alphabetical order voting system, which resulted in Jenna's elimination. He claims he was devastated by that sad turn of events, and the others urge him to vote in his best interest. Sue attempts to rationalize the existence of an alliance, but Richard refuses to come out and admit that there is one.

Sean sees his name come up twice, yet it's Gervase who garners the remaining five votes and becomes the third member of the jury.

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