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Survivor: South Pacific "Running the Show" (Episode 10)

Episode 10: "Running the Show"
Original Airdate: November 16th, 2011
American Ratings: 11.66 million viewers

Following a significant drop in ratings last week, more viewers tuned in last night to watch the tenth episode of Survivor: South Pacific. Not as many asses in the seats as for the "Trojan Horse" and "Double Agent" episodes, but still a good performance. Now with the pagonging done with, it will be interesting to see of viewers will remain till the finale. . .

On Redemption Island, Jim explains what happened at tribal council to Keith and Ozzy.

Back at camp, Coach claims that Jim is the worst kind of people. He tells Dawn and Whitney that they can now grow as a family together.

Coach is running the show like he's Jesus.

Whitney can't understand how smart people like Cochran and Sophie can be so stupid as to be oblivious to what Coach is doing.

Day 25

The Coch-machine is doing yoga with the Dragon Slayer. He might be a useless and spineless wimp, yet the Coch-train is aware that sticking with Benjamin remains his best option. Fearless destroyer of all manner of beasts, Coach is beginning to fear Albert and Brandon.

At the Redemption Island arena, the entire merged tribe attends the duel between Ozzy, Keith, and Jim. The castaways must hold two poles upright on the top of their hands against a plank. No one in attendance is rooting for Ozzy. Nevertheless, Jim and Keith become the first two members of the final jury, while Ozzy lives to see another day.

Day 26

Ozzy is having a ball at Redemption Island. He knows that no one in the tribe can fish, so they must be starving. He feels as though he's rejuvenating himself, getting ready for the endgame. Far from the machinations of the tribe and eating well, Ozzy feels that he's getting stronger.

Dawn informs Cochran that she's now willing to do anything to remain in the game. Cochran reveals that he might be willing to switch things up.

For the immunity challenge, the castaways must balance a bowl filled with rice on the top of their heads as they make their way through an obstacle course. They must fill a basket at the end of the course with the rice they carry until they raise their flag. Sophie wins immunity.

Jeff Probst announces that there will be a twist at tonight's tribal council.

Interestingly enough, good-for-nothing Cocherino is disappointed by his crappy performance at the immunity challenge. He actually thought he had a shot. . . Based on what, I'll never know. The nerd feels that it will be a double elimination tonight.

Dawn and Whitney are aware that they really needed to win immunity today. Dawn wishes to speak with Albert. They warns him that if he wants to turn the game around, now is the time. Albert would like to secure every possible Savaii jury vote. And he would like to see Edna go.

Albert confirms the Coch-train's worst fear: that the former Savaii traitor will be voted out before Edna. Albert invites him to make a move to insure that he won't end up in 7th place. They approach Sophie to get rid of Edna to help secure Dawn and Whitney's jury vote down the line. But Sophie is ambivalent and it doesn't appear that she's willing to get with the program.

For his part, Benjamin is getting suspicious. He knows that Albert is currying jury vote, which goes against the Samouraï code and is thus unacceptable. Am I the only missing the old Coach a whole lot? I liked him a lot more when he was all about crazy anecdotes involving canibals and sodomy!

If anyone goes against the family, they're dead.

At tribal council, Jeff Probst wants to know how Dawn tried to find cracks in the Upolu alliance. He wants to know how Cochran feels about being 7th. Coach is concerned about the possibility of a big move occurring tonight. Albert doesn't feel like Coach is the leader of the Upolu alliance. He sees Benjamin more as a figurehead.

As the votes are tallied, we realized that both Albert and Sophie chickened out and Dawn loses a 7-2 vote against Edna.

As expected, the twist Jeff Probst announced is another immunity challenge, with another vote to follow immediately. The castaways are asked survival related questions, and Sophie wins immunity for a second time in a row.

It comes as no surprise when Whitney loses a 7-1 vote against the Coch-train.

Well, for a guy who spits out good game when it comes to talking strategy, he's quite the pussy when the time comes to put his money where his mouth is. And for all that she appears to be what could be the smartest Upolu player, Sophie can be more than a little dense at times. It's obvious that neither Albert or Sophie figure in Coach's plan as far as the final 3 is concerned. In order to turn the game around, they needed the Savaii votes. With every Savaii member gone to Redemption Island, they will soon find themselves in a precarious position. Had they made a move, Albert and Sophie were all but assured a spot in the final 3. As things stand, they'll need a few immunities and a couple of betrayals to make it there. Definitely not the path of least resistance. . .

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