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Survivor: South Pacific "Cut Throat" (Episode 9)

Episode 9: "Cut Throat"
Original Airdate: November 9th, 2011
American Ratings: 10.80 million viewers

It had nothing to do with getting back at you.

Ozzy wants to know why Cochran blindsided them. He says that he put his ass on the line for Cochran, yet the other betrayed him as soon as the chance presented itself.

You're a coward. You're a poor excuse for a man.

Whitney reminds Cochran that she and Keith saved his ass three times. She says that the nerd threw the entire Savaii tribe under the bus.

Cochran is taking a lot of heat for his unanticipated move at tribal council. Brandon wants to ascertain himself that no one will hurt the little wimp.

Day 22

Coach realizes that they pulled off an amazing feat at tribal council the night before. He feels that if he remains confident instead of arrogant, humble instead of weak, he has a chance to go all the way.

On the other hand, Ozzy is acutely aware that the ex-Savaii are in deep trouble. Still, he intends to keep on fighting.

The first round of the immunity challenge consists of tossing coconuts into a ring. The first four castaways to get a coconut in their ring move on to the second round. Dawn, Whitney, Jim, and Sophie move on. To win immunity, the finalists must crack open coconuts using rocks. They must then suck in the juice, go through an obstacle course, and fill a tube with the liquid they managed to hold on to. Sophie can't keep the juice down on her last run, which gives Jim the win.

Brandon tells Cochran that it's time to get rid of Ozzy. Coach appreciates Ozzy's humility in defeat, but there is nothing he can do.

It was a good ride.

Dawn is aware that she must consider flipping. It's either that, or go down in flames along with the rest of the Savaii tribe.

Jim plans on giving the immunity necklace to Ozzy. He wants to try to convince the Upolu members to vote off Cochran. Jim is aware that his days are numbered, anyway. All they need is for two Upolu members to vote for Cochran and the ex-Savaii would be back in the game.

At tribal council, Jeff Probst wants to discuss Cochran's power move of the previous night. Cochran explains that he used the opportunity to take control of his game. Jim reminds everyone that he saved Cochran four times. He doesn't think that the Upolu tribe would respect someone so dishonorable, someone who doesn't fight his own battles. Jim claims that he is willing to give the necklace to Ozzy. He makes his speech, trying to convince the Upolu members to get rid of Cochran. For his part, Ozzy reminds them that Redemption Island is tailor-made for him and the way he plays the game. He boasts that he will face each and everyone of them and send them on their way.

I will be back.

When it dawns upon him that his attempt to sway the ex-Upolu has failed, Jim decides to hold on to the immunity necklace.

Not surprisingly, Ozzy loses a 9-2 vote and gets sent back to Redemption Island. When he arrives, Keith can't quite believe that they were betrayed like that.

Day 23

Ozzy dives and explores the reef. He catches the biggest fish he ever caught on Survivor, sharing the 15-pound catch with Keith.

For today's immunity challenge, the castaways must stand on a narrow beam while balancing a ball on a wooden bow. Jeff Probst announces that if anyone feels secure enough, they can sit out the challenge and enjoy a feast. Although he claims that he would like to compete, Coach follows Cochran and the rest of the Upolu tribe to the table to enjoy the sweets.

The ex-Upolu members appear to respect and appreciate Dawn more than just a bit. Whitney wins immunity.

Cochran is playing the most brilliant 3rd place game in Survivor history.

Jim knows he's going to Redemption Island. He tries to get Albert and Sophie to get rid of Edna. But Albert wants to eliminate Dawn, whom he perceives as more dangerous. Sophie would rather get rid of Jim.

At tribal council, Jeff Probst asks them if it's safe to assume that it's either Jim or Dawn going home tonight. Albert explains that Dawn in more likeable, that she just might be the strongest female castaway this season. Believing that Dawn was being deceitful, Brandon goes on a rant, saying that the Savaii tribe would have been a lot more ruthless toward the Upolu members if their roles were reversed. He claims they won't stop until the entire Savaii tribe has been eliminated. Whitney breaks down and starts to cry, claiming that she and her companions are being vilified.

When it's time to vote, the Coch-train struts his stuff. Funny how quickly he forgets how precarious his position was a few days back.

Edna sees her name come up three times, but Jim racks up the remaing seven votes and will join Keith and Ozzy at Redemption Island. When they are reunited later that night, Jim quips that they were supposed to be in the final three.

CBS made a lot of noise about a supposed twist that would result in a double eviction. But in the end, there was no twist at all. Just two immunity challenges two days in a row. The editing kind of sucked in this episode, and overall "Cut Throat" was a relatively big drop in quality after three very interesting and entertaining episodes. . .

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