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Survivor: South Pacific "Taste the Victory" (Episode 5)

Episode 5: "Taste the Victory"
Original Airdate: October 12th, 2011
American Ratings: 10.69 millions viewers

Christine was hoping it wouldn't be Stacey joining her on Redemption Island.

Tribal was so fake. That is not one big happy family on the blue tribe.

Stacey is planning to spill the beans regarding Coach's alliance at the duel. She wants the Savaii tribe to be aware of what's going on at the Upolu camp.

Day 12

Brandon resents the fact that Mikayla feels that the most annoying thing about him is that he's a Hantz.

Albert, Mikayla, Dawn, and Whitney will witness the duel. Coach was concerned that Christine and Stacey would use the opportunity to reveal Upolu secrets to the other tribe. And the two women waste no time unveiling the truth about Coach and his alliance. Refusing to call him Coach, they refer to him as Benjamin.

The duel is a challenge of concentration and coordination. The castaways must drop a ball down a metal chute and catch it as it comes spiraling down the track. Additional balls are periodically added, forcing the castaways to keep track of all the balls in movement. First person to drop a ball is eliminated. Stacey drops a ball first and Christine remains in the game.

Coach absolutely hates being called Benjamin. He is pissed at Stacey for making him the number one target come the merge.

Back at the Savaii camp, Elyse has no idea that she's in danger of being voted out. Meanwhile, Cochran continues to work hard (well, for him, anyway) to maintain his spot in the tribe.

Dawn and Whitney reveal that Coach is running the show at Upolu. But when Ozzy mentions that Coach should get rid of Albert before the merge, Jim immediately believes that Keith and himself could be in trouble.

Conscious that Stacey's revelation put a target on his back, Albert seeks the clue to the hidden immunity idol. He finds the clue, but though he looks far and wide, Albert can't locate the idol. In an attempt to earn their trust, he reveals the content of the clue to Coach and Sophie. Later that afternoon, Coach finds the idol. He's never been happier on Survivor and he tells both Albert and Sophie that he has the hidden immunity idol.

I'm not running the show. But at the moment. . . Pretty close!

Day 13

Cochran and Ozzy take the boat out to go fishing. Ozzy is happy to once again play the role of the provider. He feels that Savaii is truly becoming his tribe.

However, Cochran opines that Ozzy has grown a bit lazy since the Cook Islands and Fans vs Villains. He thinks that it may come back to haunt Ozzy down the line.

Day 14

The immunity challenge features a roasted pig on a spit. With their hands tied behind their backs, the castaways must chew off as much meat as they possibly can and then spit it in a basket. The heaviest basket will win immunity for its tribe. The reward consists of bread, vegetables, and spices.

As the disgusting challenge reaches its end, Upolu wins immunity with a basket weighing 22 pounds and 14 ounces. The tribe can also keep all the meat they ripped out from the spit.

Brandon cooks for his tribe. After winning this challenge, he feels that Upolu is now a real family.

Elyse and Whitney feel that Cochran is trying too much to prove his worth. Ozzy believes that it's too little, too late.

Dawn wants to break up the bond between Ozzy and Elyse. Jim is acutely aware that he needs to find a fourth vote to get Elyse voted out. He tries to get Keith on board, but Keith knows that Ozzy will never trust them again if they do this. Whitney feels that this could well shatter their alliance. Both Keith and Whitney are the swing votes and they're not comfortable to be in this position.

For probably the first time, Cochran feels good about his chances at tonight's tribal council.

At tribal council, Ozzy says that it's still about keeping the tribe as strong as possible. Basically every Savaii member hurt themselves during the challenge.

Cochran, you can't catch a break.

As the votes are tallied, both Dawn and Cochran see two votes cast against them, while Elyse racks up the remaining three votes and gets sent to Redemption Island.

Sorry, Lyse. This has more to do with keeping Ozzy weak.

Ozzy is pissed and we now know that he proclaims himself a free agent next week. This will undoubtedly split the tribe, and I believe that Jim may have been too quick on the trigger. He's always all over the place, and he may well pay for it when it comes back to bite him in the ass. By keeping Cochran for another couple of days, Savaii is now weaker than Upolu and will no longer have much unity, at least for the near future.

But a pissed off Ozzy should make for good TV. I was getting tired of the hippie guru shit, and it looks as though he'll make his displeasure known to his tribesmates in the next episode.

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