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Survivor: South Pacific "Survivalism" (Episode 4)

Episode 4: "Survivalism"
Original Airdate: October 5th, 2011
American Ratings: 10.54 million viewers

Day 9

Ozzy and Elyse are lying against one another, swinging in the hammock. As a matter of course, Jim isn't too thrilled to see them bond in such a way. Conscious that the tribe needs Ozzy for the challenges ahead, he wants to take out Elyse. Aware that he cannot hatch this scheme by himself, Jim approaches Cochran to see if he'd be willing to get rid of Elyse. Such a move would buy the skinny nerd at least three extra days on the island, hence Cochran is down with the idea.

Ozzy. . . Come on, man. . . Haven't you learned anything from those make-out sessions with the lovely Amanda??? This just in: If you are a step away from cuddling with the equally lovely Elyse, that will not sit well with your tribesmates. Even worse, it will not sit well with the members of your alliance. I mean, does this guy ever learn? Ozzy is a handsome and charismatic young man, no question. I don't think he has a hard time getting female attention outside of the game. But why can't he put all that on hold for a couple of weeks? Surely that would be worth a million bucks!?! I really want to root for Ozzy, but man does he make it hard for me to do so.

Back at Upolu, though he would probably pop a load if it ever happened, unfortunately there is no cuddling between Brandon and Mikayla.Indeed, every moment is a struggle for the poor guy. He wants to be a better person from now on, but methinks this will be a tough sale.

I came into this game with good intentions, but it was ruined by my pride.

Still, putting his money where his mouth is, Brandon apologizes to Mikayla. Sadly, she's not really buying it. He does the same with Edna, telling her that he cares for her. To prove it, Brandon reveals that Edna is not part of the Upolu "Core Five." She is a bit shocked, for she was convinced that she was part of an alliance of six.

The Savaii tribe receives their swimsuits with tree mail. Seeing her younger and sexier tribesmates traipsing around in their new swimwear, Dawn realizes how old she is compared to many of them. She is aware that she must perform or she'll get voted off.

Since nobody wishes to accompany Cochran to the Redemption Island duel, Jim finally accepts to go. Brandon and Edna will be there for Upolu.

As they leave to witness the duel, Ozzy feels that Jim is already playing the strategic angle of the game too much. As a victim of a strategic move himself, in one of the most notorious blindsides in Survivor history, Ozzy should know better. Guess not. . . Not being strategic enough might come back and bite him in the ass, especially since a plan is already in motion to remove one of his strongest allies from the game.

At Redemption Island arena, Papa Bear claims that if he ever returns in the game, he will be going straight for Upolu. Prior to the duel, Brandon apologizes to Christine. The challenge consists of throwing sand bags on top of ten different crates. Christine wins the showdown 10-9, and Papa Bear is forced to leave the game for good.

I want the spectators to see that I'm not out. At all.

Day 10

At the Upolu camp, Edna doesn't know if she can trust the others anymore. Now that she knows that she's at the bottom of the pecking order, she doesn't know what to think. Both Stacey and Mikayla would like Edna to just shut up.

Back at the Savaii beach, Cochran tries to recruit Dawn to take out Elyse. He reminds her that it would devastate Ozzy and could well change the course of the game.

Day 11

For the immunity challenge, three members from each tribe will hold a pole across their shoulders. Periodically, weight will be added to the poles, and the last person standing will win immunity for his tribe. They are also playing for an important reward: one rooster and two hens.

Two men and one woman must be the weight bearers. It will be Keith, Jim, and Dawn for Savaii, and Brandon, Albert, and Stacey for Upolu. Both Keith and Albert quit at 180 pounds. Jim and Brandon both break the 220-pound record and are forced to quit at 240 pounds. Both Dawn and Stacey go up to 140 pounds, and Dawn finally wins immunity for Savaii.

Stacey is well aware that she could be going home for losing the challenge. Coach says that they must all stay strong, stay positive.

Wanting to get to the bottom of this, Stacey asks Coach where she stands. Coach replies that it's between her and another person. She reminds him that she is pulling her weight.

In an attempt to scramble, Stacey tells Brandon that he should keep an eye out on Albert, Sophie, and Mikayla. When he tells Coach about it, Coach reminds him that Stacey is on deathrow, so he shouldn't heed anything she tells him. Coach says that Brandon must trust their alliance.

Sophie no longer feels that she can trust Brandon. She thinks that they might have to reshuffle their alliance.

At tribal council, Jeff Probst tries a little group therapy with the "The most annoying thing about. . ." game. When it is said that the worst thing about Brandon is that he's Russell's nephew, he loses it and starts to cry. Mikayla explains that she would like to trust him, but blood's blood. Brandon pleads his case, trying to convince them that he's not his uncle, that he doesn't play the game the way Russell did.

I just want to be someone God's proud of.

Once the votes are tallied, Edna ends up with a single vote against her. Stacey racks up the remaining six votes and gets sent to Redemption Island. Coach wants the others to give Stacey a hug as she leaves the tribal council area, but she won't have any of it.

Tribal was a joke today.

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