lundi 25 juillet 2011 | By: Patrick

Looks like it's going to be Coach and Ozzy. . .

Though there has been no confirmation yet, everything seems to hint that Ben "Coach" Wade and Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth will be the two returnees on Survivor: South Pacific, which will premiere on CBS on September 14th.

This from Reality Blurred:

The evidence that Coach/Ben is on season 23 is pretty clear. As someone alerted me to, his voice mail message isn’t subtle: “I’m going to be traveling the next couple weeks,” he says, encouraging people to e.mail instead of texting or leaving a message. Ben conducts the Susanville Symphony, which he helped to found, and its final concert is next weekend, which up until recently he was conducting. But now, its web site says there will be “a very special guest conductor” instead.


Ozzy’s return was confirmed in a report today on TVFunSpot, which says that Ozzy’s voicemail has a similar message to Coach’s, and that he’s taken a leave of absence from his job as a waiter.

Unless it's a special season like Survivor: All-Stars and Survivor: Fans vs Favorites, I'm against former players returning as a new twist. It was an epic fail in terms of bringing something new and interesting in Survivor: Redemption Island, and I doubt it will inject new life in the franchise later this fall.

In any case, it's too early to bring Coach back. Survivor: Tocantins was aired in 2009, while Survivor: Heroes vs Villains came the following year. Giving Coach a third shot at the money now makes little sense. Especially since he is not the type of game-changing player that will put more asses into the seats.

Ozzy, on the other hand, is charismatic and a power player. It will be interesting to see if he'll manage to make the most of this new opportunity. As dangerous as he is, there will be a huge target on his back right from the get-go. Yet you never know. If he is fortunate enough to end up in a dumbass tribe like the Ometepe crew from Survivor: Redemption Island, he could go all the way. . .

We should discover soon enough whether or not it will be Coach and Ozzy returning for another shot at the million bucks. . .

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